Always follow label directions when adding any pool maintenance products to the pool. Never mix products together.

If unsure how products are to be used, contact your pool professinal.

A great habit to insure proper pool care is to take a sample of water to your professional pool dealer every 2-3 weeks during the swimming pool season for a complete water test and computer analysis.

How long should I run my pump? Piping size, pool size, swimmer load, and the actual size of your pump all play a role in
determining how long to run the pump. Running the pump and circulating the water is the best problem solver. For the proper "run time", consult your pool professional.


Safety Tips:

NEVER mix different types of chlorine.
NEVER mix chemicals together.Add them in the pool separately.
NEVER add water to your chemicals.Always add chemicals to water.
Keep all chemicals out of reach from children.
Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the chemicals.
Do Not use the contents of unlabeled containers.
Keep containers closed when not in use.
After shock treating, you must wait until the free available chlorine residual is at the level recommended by the label instruction